World of Warcraft: Legion – A Comprehensive Overview

World of Warcraft is releasing another new expansion, this being the 6th to date since the original release of World of Warcraft in 2004.

Legion adds many new things to the game, such as the new Demon Hunter class, a new continent, new dungeons, raids, raises the level cap to 110 and gives players a 12th character slot as well as many more things.

The Demon Hunter class has been added to World of Warcraft in the Legion expansion. Playable by night elf and blood elf characters only, this is a hero class that starts at level 98 to jump right into the action of the Legion expansion. Demon hunters are disciples of Illidan Stormrage, who use fel and chaotic magic to fight the Burning Legion, using the powers of defeated demons has left the demon hunters warped and twisted physically, altering them and giving them a demonic appearance. Demon Hunters can spec for DPS using the Havoc spec or tanking by using the Vengeance spec. The weapons employed by the Demon Hunters are Glaive weapon pairs, and the class can use either cloth or leather armors. Demon hunters excel at moving quickly across the battlefield, allowing them to close the distance between themselves and any enemies quickly while unleashing devastating attacks to dispatch the enemy efficiently.

There are also Artifact weapons added to the game for each class spec, totaling at 36 unique weapons that are given to the character at the start of the Legion expansion. These weapons can be customized in ways that make each player’s choice specific to their play style and personal choice. New designs can be unlocked for these weapons by killing specific enemies or unlocking achievements. Artifact weapons have two paths of progression: Artifact power, that can be spent on traits. And relics that drop from dungeons, raids, and quests. Relics can be socketed into your artifact weapon to enhance characteristics.

Each class gets it’s own Class Order in the Legion expansion. Class order is a class particular area shared with other players of the same class, in Legion players fight against the Burning Legion with their class, not their faction. The Class Order is where players will customize their artifacts and take quests. To combat the threat of the Legion, the player will work side by side with heroes instead of amassing a large army like in the Draenor expansion.

A new continent named the Broken Isles has been added to the game with the Legion expansion, giving players a whole new region to explore and fight. Important locations in the Broken Isles include the ancient druid refuge Val’Sarah where Malfurion became a druid and demons begin attempting to release the Emerald Nightmare. Stormheim, Azsuna, and Highmountain. There is a new race of elves known as Suramar that has lived in the Broken Isles for the last ten thousand years before being corrupted by the Burning Legion. Dalaran has been moved to Broken Isles although the original version of Dalaran will stay in Northrend due to gameplay purposes.

There are nine new dungeons added with the Legion expansion: Halls of Valor, Black Rook Hold, Vault of the Wardens, Eye of Azshara, Darkheart Thicket, Helheim, Suramar City, Violet Hold, and Neltharion’s Lair. Two new raids have been added as well. The Emerald Nightmare and Suramar Palace. The Emerald Nightmare was released into the Emerald Dream, twisting what was an original version of Azeroth. Suramar Palace is an elven palace; the Legion has corrupted the Titan pillar, players will fight through the catacombs of Suramar Palace and to the Nightwell.

World of Warcraft has added many new and useful features with the Legion Expansion that will change the way many people play the game, allowing for much more to do and much more content to explore as players go through the new quests and regions. The Legion expansion is set to release on or before september 21st 2016.